Hacking the COVID-19 pandemic with these free courses

Ever thought if you could access content from Harvard for free? or get photography lessons from Nikon? Yes, owing to the current situation, many organizations are offering their resources free of cost!

Here are few links you must definitely get going with.

Photography with Nikon

Nikon, a pioneer in the photography sector ( quick fact: Nikon is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1917 ), has recently announced free photography courses, completely free of cost for the month of April. To all the photo enthusiasts, this is a chance you must not miss on. Here is the link


Need some more on photography?

The Professional photographers of America, have made their content completely free, which just requires a simple sign up. By signing in, you would be just elevating your photography skills to a pro level! Link below


Programming with Harvard

Massive Open Online Course ( MOOC ), is a concept wherein you get to access all the content for free from various MOOC providing organizations. ( quick fact: The concept of MOOC existed in 1890's!). It's usually associated with ed X or Coursera , and would require simple signing in. Here it is https://www.edx.org/course


For Parents at home

Another website with good content for kids is the Achieve3000 Literacy at home Digital. Apart from student oriented content , it also has a career page to enhance the understanding of profession for children. Excited? https://remotesupport.achieve3000.com/at-home-digital/

Below are the links getting updated as and when I find some more of freebies!



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