Hardware tech startup? (Part 1)

Yes you heard me right! If you have been searching for guides, or people who have been into establishing a hardware product company, or even interested to be an entrepreneur with hardware i.e, electrical, electronic or electro-mechanical product, this post is for you! Even if you are interested in startups, this still belongs to you!

A hardware startup, in simple terms would be anything but taking your final year project into a product. Yes, it literally means you are actually applying your domain knowledge in getting a problem solved. If you are someone with software specific, this would deal just with your laptop and hell lot of code!

But that's not the case for other branches, they would have to run with motor's, circuits and engines and what not!

In startups, you deal with clients, marketing, finance, relations, operations, employees and stuff. This would remain almost same if you are to do with software companies, as they would be either software providers or maintainers.

In a hardware startup, you would have to reach this stage, after you build your proof of concept( POC ), then find vendors, purchase components from variety of dealers, integrate, test, fail, redo, iterate and then be sure to face your customers!And believe me this is not a story of days, but would take months!

Most of the management books, wouldn't mention this dark story, but would ask you to go with traditional method of customer survey, marketing and stuff. But we have a solution. Not in this post though! Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode!

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