Sanskrit the lost treasure of India!

Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, also called as "Jyana Bhasaha ( Knowledge Language )" is something to ponder during these quarantine times.

There was a time when the language to communicate among-st the Indians used to be Sanskrit. Its now a History! Today Sanskrit is termed as a language option in the high schools, which again is a nightmare to students! ( not all by the way 😊)

Today I would like to share some of the words that you could use in your homely interactions, and get our language back!

“Because, knowledge begins at home!”

Lets begin by introducing your family

What to call your family members?

Father = जनकः ( pronunciation: Janakah ) also called पिता

Mother = जननि ( pr: Janani ) also called माता

Grandfather = पितामहः( paternal grand father ) पितामही ( maternal grand father)

Can you guess for grandmother? Let me know in the comments below!

Brother = सहोदरः

Sister = सहोदरी

Elder brother or sister = अग्रजा

Younger brother or sister = अनुजा

Finally, your husband is called पतिः and wife is to be called भार्या

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