The heavenly light!

Presenting to you first of poem series. Specially handcrafted by me, hope you enjoy!

The earth got warmer, the sun shooting sharper!

People around thrived with heat, uncomfortable in any situation let it be!

The roads got dustier, the travel seeming mightier!

The effect of global warmth was felt, A regret of practice to be followed beforehand!

Suddenly the sound of the clouds is heard, small drops of water is sprinkled over..

A sense of joy and content is felt, grabbing something hot is the next intent!

By the time the happiness is relieved, the chats just about to begin..

The drizzle of rain is stopped by then, while the clouds unmask the sun!

Slowly begins the humid feel, making the world hotter and serene.

And now appears the heavenly light, right out through the sublime sky..

Making its way from the clouds, the sunshine makes its appearance sound!

Looking at which you feel the divine, the creator and his intellect high!

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